It’s all about who you know…

7 11 2007

This is a phrase that I think that I have heard one to many times in the past year. “It’s all about who you know.” That was the last thing my mentor said to me right before we headed back to our respective jobs.

Now, don’t me wrong. I love my job (and I’m not saying that the way that Emily in the Devil Wears Prada, as she reminds herself why she is working for the devil of Runway magazine). Hey– I suppose I am lucky to have a job (I feel for those of you who are still out there trying to get your first jobs).

After reading Dayo’s blog the other day, I got to thinking about my best friend Signe. While I am no music expert (yes, kiddos, leave it to me to have 2 internships at MTV and VH1 and to walk out of the experience unaware about anything music related– as I worked on the tv shows like Laguna Beach), I know that breaking into the music business is close to impossible.  And once you do, as Dayo pointed out, you’re pretty much a pawn of the record label.

That’s when I thought of my friend Signe. Signe (otherwise known as Signe Violet Andersen) is an aspiring R&B/hip hop singer/songwriter, originally from Norway– who just happens to be one of my nearest and dearest. Even though Signe’s father happens to be a fairly famous Norweigan folk singer, Signe is virtually unknown in the U.S. Although, I will have to admit, I got excited when I saw her in the Norweigan tabloid that she sent me, even though I couldn’t read it!

I think that Dayo certainly has a point. New/upcoming artists/aspiring singer-songwriters are certainly at the mercy of their record labels. And I see this pretty much first hand with Signe. Even though Signe categorizes herself as a Hip-Hop/R&B singer, she recently collaborated with a pretty famous Pakistani pop-star (I didn’t know such a person existed) on a track that I never would have imagined her doing. Flash forward three months, and I come to find out she’s touring Europe with said pop-star.

Still, it’s all a part of the music business, I suppose. Signe seems to be taking everything in stride, pretty confident that she’ll make it big some day. 

To this, I have to say to Signe– don’t forget about lil old me when you become the next Mary J. AND, please don’t date Trendz from I Love NY… he may be a great guy in real life, but REALLY? New York from Flavor of Love?




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15 11 2007
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